reusing the unused, recycling to uncycle some vicious trend.

Since beginning my degree in apparel design I have been amazed and shocked at how much needs to be used by one market in a single year. To illustrate, an example: first time bridal gowns. I, personally, love weddings! The looking and designing of gowns that have a half-life of but a few hours is as fun as the reception. There are necessary seasonal trends in gowns, but where do items of clothing go after the party? Some are deposited into a savings account otherwise known as a garment bag in a closet to become a lovely artifact of family history. Some are preserved…mhm. And others are given to a friend or sold or (dare I say it?) tossed out.

Years ago my mother had a great idea of remaking wedding and vintage prom gowns tossed into the category of thrift stores, and I half listened to her. A few weeks ago a friend at school told me about this girl who had a great idea in Seattle of remaking older gowns (vintage or recently used). Mom, you were forecasting a trend there and now Amanda Vernell has made Twice Blushed a name for herself and the bridal gown world.

“Lovingly hand-made” is how Vernell puts it and I think that is apparent as she takes a dress through her design process. Every bridal dress deserves a second half-life, in my opinion. It is a new dress with a pleasant twist and some tucks.

[Vernell portrait and bridal gown images from Twice Blushed gallery]


~ by theroomfor on July 3, 2010.

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