the re-make of old footsteps along an up-cycled path

It is such a pleasure to find an item at an amazing price. One of the best lessons I learned from my mother is how to shop…really shop. When the topic of shopping is discussed, there will be differences of opinion on what it means to really shop. For me, this means unburying or walking across the deal that would provoke an Oprah ‘O Love!’ kind of exclamation, or it really is stealing (minus the very small price tag attached). It can also be somewhat of a sporting challenge. If I’m not out in 20 minutes with something I love (I mean LOVE) at a price I love (LOVE), the score is a 6.5 out of 10. When it’s LOVE-LOVE that would be a 12.5 out of 10.

With the excitement of finding such treasures, making them into a better creation can only improve the discovery. Below are some of the re-creations from great items designed and created by talented companies, and re-made for you by me. Lady’s Polker Night short formal: polyester skirt from Goodwill $2.50; top from one of my mom’s older gowns, less than $5; chiffon strap from friend’s old formal (free to me). Regal Thought summer dress: cotton shirt $2; rayon blend skirt from dress $10; sash from strapless gown $1. Black and Tan casual or formal little black dress: top from friend’s formal (free to me); cotton jersey knit skirt with elastic waistband $0.99. Yes, this dress provokes an ‘O Love!’

And of the items hanging patiently for the clock to turn back, or the seams to grow in the closet of course there can be found an other use. Above are samples of redo-s of pieces of my wardrobe that I just could not give away otherwise. Romance in Spring occasion dress: Charlotte Russe top $13; silk skirt $16. Lady Stealth evening gown: Paris Blues brand denim shirt $5.99; polyester chiffon skirt from gown $2.99. And this one is definitely an, ‘O Love!’

Please enjoy more of my creations, recycled and original, at my BurdaStyle profile page! Enjoy finding ways of change and improvement to your wardbrode rather than throwing out and buying all new. Slice, pin, tuck, and sew your way to newly fashioned pieces, which we will hopefully be finding more of in the industry. Upcycling: it’s in the now and the future.


~ by theroomfor on August 25, 2010.

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