‘couture’…learning to speak the language with a native accent

It seemed too long ago that an extra excited buzz whispered through Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Only three degrees of separation brought a name of the fashion world from Los Angeles for three days. Ali Rahimi from his couture studio, Mon Atelier, I am delighted to say was here and more than once graced us with his courteous manner and knowledge.

One of the best moments during his stay was the workshop he held for the design students. He brought the collection of ‘traveling gowns’…and let us touch them! I was about to fall over with excitement. My favorite gown is the nude-colored, sheath-silhouette with a wide neckline, cap sleeves and covered Swarovski crystals. Simply put: gorgeous. Unfortunately I was not allowed to try it on, and I didn’t have an extra $13,000 or so in the bank to buy it. C’est la vie!

Rahimi made it clear before traveling out that he wanted to spend as much time as possible with the students. The Saturday morning before his departure he held a QA session with 14 of us eager learners. That was wonderful! Black-and-white and classic/old movies are one of his favorite places to find inspiration–so get watching! One of my favorite old movies is ‘Autie Mame’ with Rosalind Russel. I watched it yesterday to remember how amazing the set changes, costumes, and Russel are.

This event took place at the end of October. Since his departure four months ago, Rahimi’s name has been showing up in Hollywood more frequently. No, this isn’t thanks to little ole Fort Collins. But it is thanks to stars like Jane Lynch who has adorned no less than three of his custom couture designs for the red carpet and awards ceremonies. Also among his gorgeous clientele are Heidi Klum, Anjelica Huston, etc.

If you want to see the impressive list of those he has had the pleasure of dressing or designing for, see his website. All photos taken at the events are to remain in my possession. And always check back to the red carpet. He’s bound to appear sometime soon!


~ by theroomfor on February 1, 2011.

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